My three-day cleanse with SOL

Ay the beginning of last week I went on a three-day juice cleanse with our local juice company SOL. SOL is a company local to the Byron Shire, and offers amazing juices, cleanse packs and beautiful products. I had my cleanse delivered to me Monday afternoon, all ready to keep me juiced up for the next few days.

I’ve completed a couple juice cleanses in the past, and am therefore familiar with how good my body feels whenever I take a break from solid foods: a chance for my body to push the 'reset' button. When drinking juice instead of eating solid foods for a few days, your body is given a break from the digesting process, and will instead use its energy and resources on other important processes and bodily functions.


Unfortunately seems to have become a common misconception that ‘juicing’ is a way to detoxify your body, hence it’s often referred to as a juice detox. Personally I don't believe that we can detoxify or bodies through a juice cleanse, but rather that we can give our bodies a break from digesting foods and support it’s natural and always ongoing detoxification processes. Our bodies do an excellent job at detoxing themselves. Juice fasting is an good way to make sure you’re still getting your essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, as well as sufficient energy/calories to keep up your daily activities, while taking a break from eating. The nutrients and antioxidants will also aid the body in getting rid of any unwanted toxins. Completing a juice fast takes less planning and energy than say a water fast, as the juice will give you plenty of energy to get you through your day.

This time around I was lucky enough to collaborate with SOL cleanse, and was gifted a three day cleanse: juices and nut mylks only.

SOL cleanse’s juice is always delivered fresh; cold pressed and tapped on glass jars straight after juicing (no plastic here🙏🏼). Cold-pressed juices provide more live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, than say 'regular' not-cold-pressed juices. Cold-press means eliminating heat and oxidation that are often part of other juicing techniques, means that the cold-pressed juices carry as much as 50 times more nutrients than your normal juice.

As I prepared for my cleanse, I made sure to eat a little lighter and slow down on the coffee consumption a few days prior. Coffee is my one “addiction”, and while I do not plan to eliminate coffee from my diet altogether any time soon, I felt that this was a good chance to slow down the consumption and take a longer break. The first few days of my fast I did have a rather bad headache (hello- caffeine addiction), and a drop in my energy levels: especially on day two. After day three however, my body felt light and rejuvenated, and my energy levels were pretty much back to normal. Other than this I didn’t have many other symptoms, which I believe I can credit my more or less 100% plant-based diet and active lifestyle for.


All in all, my experience with SOL cleanse was nothing short of amazing. All the juices and nut milks tasted amazing, and kept me feeling energised and full, yet light, for the whole day.

To aid with your body’s detoxification and healing processes, SOL cleanse comes with a small supply of psyllium husk, probiotics as well as a beautiful tea-blend. You’re also gifted a handy metal straw and straw cleaner, and a tea strainer for your tea. What stood out to me the most with SOL was the beautiful packaging, the little booklet with tips and encouragement; not to mention daily emails offering guidance and support. The folks behind SOL really have put their heart and soul into providing a cleanse that will make you feel light and uplifted; encouraging self-love and self-care. Their cleanse programs are definitely not a depriving experience; but a nourishing, delicious and beautiful one.

If you’re considering jumping on the juice cleanse train there’s a few things you may want to take into consideration. Juice fasts are often not suitable for young children, pregnant women or for those having an illness of some sort. Make sure to check with your doctor if you’re questioning whether or not a nice fast will be beneficial for you.

If you’re all set and ready to get your juice on, here’s a few tips I’ve gathered to make your experience a little easier and more enjoyable:

1. Herbal tea(!) - Particularly for caffeine drinkers, herbal, caffeine-free tea is an excellent way to add flavor and comfort during a cleanse. Drinking only juice can feel monotonous at times, but sipping on tea definitely helps entertain your taste buds and keep cravings at bay. I find that herbal tea and cot water with for example lemon and ginger helps to ease the cravings and hunger pangs that often follows the first few days of a fast, so I make sure to keep a large cup or jar with me at all times.

2. Listen to your body - If you start feeling very ill, weak, and shaky, as if you may pass out, have an extra glass/bottle of juice and make sure to take a break. Also, don’t force yourself to continue your cleanse. You can add a light vegetable salad or raw piece of fruit to see if this helps, and then stick to the juices again. Know that if you do happen to need a pick-me-up in the form of solid food, don’t throw in the towel altogether. Continue with your next juice as scheduled and don’t beat yourself up over it.

3. Plan the cleanse ahead - Make sure to look at a calendar and plan your fast over a  convenient period. Personally I think it can  be difficult to be very social during my fast, and I tend to avoid situations where food is offered or is a big part of the socialising. During my fast I’d definitely rather go for a walk or to yoga with a good friend, rather than planning a night out or going to a lunch or dinner.

4. Gentle activity and time outside - It’s not recommended to do strenuous exercise during a juice fast. However, I believe it to be extremely beneficial to get in some sort of activity, like a walk or a gentle yoga practice. However, as we all know, breaking a sweat can really help speed things up in terms of detoxification. Hot baths or visits to a sauna to aid your body in releasing toxins through the skin via sweat feels amazing while you’re on your juice fast.

5. Do your research. There's a ton go information about juice fasting on the internet. Some of my personal favorites is the documentary 'Fat Sick and Nearly Dead' that you can find on Netflix, the Youtube channels 'Raw Alignment' and 'The Liferegenerator'. I can also highly recommend the books 'The China Study' and 'Whole' by Colin T. Campbell and 'How Not to Die' by Dr. Michael Gregor on the topic of a whole-foods plant-based diet.

Post-cleanse bliss ❤️

Post-cleanse bliss ❤️

SOL cleanse provides different cleanse levels; juices only, juices, smoothies and nut mylks,  as well as a warm cleanse, a whole food cleanse and even the opportunity to create your own custom

cleanse. Head over to SOL CLEANSE to read more and book your next cleanse 🌼