“Hope for a New Day” - a poem

 “let’s speak for the ones with soft voices

for the ones that were silenced, and now only whisper

those who were told they had no right to their voice

quietened by a world lost in the ripples of achievements’ noise

mothers and fathers, sons and daughters

all of us needed to play our part,

to be creators not consumers

because fuck the earth has had enough of mindless consumption.

our ways have brought fear of the future,

for what the world has become

now can we learn to nurture nature

or will we be forced to make departure?

earth provides an abundance of fresh air

but only if we accept her quest to co-excist and be fair

do not be fooled into playing the victim

instead, wrap your voice in a layer of integrity

pursue truth and honesty

vote for authenticity to decolonize the patriarchy

freedom lingers at the end of fear

feel into the depths of your feelings

the pain, the hurt and every single tear

into what has been suppressed for generations.

we have arrived back to stand in our truth

because there’s nothing to be feared

only the sound of silence itself

not separate from nature

but a part of her in every single way

our bodies and every single feature

belong to the same structure

humans spread across the world like wildflowers,

blooming when turn towards the light

reinforcing our wisdom and deeply rooted powers

knowing the ancient way is what will bring us a brand new day.”

 - Iselin Amanda Stoylen