Our Collective Dharma

 «Taking time to Being is simply my most sacred act and I am making it a daily ritual. Connecting to nature, to creation itself.

But sometimes my connection to Earth brings moments of overwhelming sensations of sadness. Pain and grief so strong you’d think my body is being torn apart. I experience suffering living in places you’d never think suffering could exist. I feel the destruction that is happening in the world as if someone’s digging nails into my bones. Sometime when I walk barefoot on Mother Earth I can feel how she’s in such deep pain, how much she’s hurting from what we’re doing to her. Because of how we, how humans, are tearing her apart. Continuously contributing to her suffering. Digging into her body and creating wounds so deep it’s almost unimaginable.

I’m left with the question of how? How did we get here? How did we come up with the idea that this is okay? We would never hurt our biological mothers the way we’re hurting Mama Earth. But it seems people are thinking of themselves as separate to nature. Independent of it. As though we are not part of the divine creation; as if we do not belong to this land, to this Earth. And that how we live our lives do not have a direct impact on our planet and everything that exists here.

We are little specks of The Divine, currently expressing ourselves in human form. Spirits having an Earthly experience. How did we forget?

But there’s a shift happening, and it’s happening rapidly. Maybe you’ve felt it already. I sure have. Through pain and old wounds arising to the surface. Lots and lots of rebirths. Healing from traumas; not just from this life, but from many past lives. Healing of ancestral lines.

Our purpose is to birth a new Earth. To reconnect and remember. Come back to Spirit. Back to Love.

It is our duty, our collective Dharma, to partake in the rise of the collective consciousness. Awakening is the only thing worth striving for, yet is is not a struggle, it is a practice in surrender. Surrendering to God. The Earth, Pachamama, is hurting because we do not do this. Yet suffering will arise again and again until we decide to. It is a spiritual practice, but it’s not about being spiritual or not. How could it be? When we are all Spirits. Entangled in each other, into each other, into One.

I am determined to spend my days living this truth. Returning to nature as often as I can. You’ll see me walk barefoot because it reminds me of my connection to this Land, and wear crystals as they carry the frequency of Earth. A frequency I want to align myself with. I will dedicate time to art and writing and dancing because that is Divinity expressing itself through me. I will practice surrender and surrender and surrender each and every time my heart feels wounded or broken; until the day it cracks fully and completely and earth shatteringly open.»