“You are love”

 “I am not who you think I am. I am not who I think I am. You are not who I think you are. There is no you and I, is there? Because what are those but words made up of a few syllables? Aren’t we all part of an eternal consciousness, currently expressing itself in human form? Untethered souls not to be defined by something as simple as thoughts and language? Our existence is not limited to the physical body and mind.

And so what is real and what isn’t real? When we all see, experience and perceive things differently? We are all right and we are living our own definition of truth, and yet none of us are right at the same time. We think we are different. We’ve been conditioned to think of ourselves as separate; from other people, from Mother Nature, from The Divine.

Separation is an illusion. It is distracting us from what is the real truth; That We are One. Souls having a human experience.

Now is all there is. Presence. I am because I am. Love is the only thing that will never cease to exist. Love is real. Love without judgement. Unconditional love. Love is.

So let’s question everything. All the things we’ve been conditioned to believe in; thoughts, beliefs, structures.

Let’s live from our hearts more than our heads.

Let’s engage in life as it unfolds in the very moment.

Allowing ourselves to cultivate sensitivity to life itself. To engage in what is. 

The world is a mirror. We only see in others what is also within us. I am only here to show you yourself.

Feel. Question. Learn. Heal. Connect.

Let God express itself through you.

Let’s Trust. Let’s love. Let’s be love.

It is how to remember.”