“I am you”

“Hi. My name is Iselin. I was born during a tropical summer night twenty one years ago during a June full moon. I like walking barefoot, putting flowers in my food, writing poetry, playing with children and dancing. I am an extension of infinite source of light that is the energy pulsing though is all. I am spirit expressing itself through me as a human being. A heart wrenching, heartfelt, wonderful and wild journey. I am still figuring out how to move through life in a physical body. How to balance being with doing. How to cultivate stillness in movement. I’ve had to learn time and time again that I am here to exist as a person; to have a human form. It’s taken years of unlearning and undoing, but I am finally in love with this experience.

I used to feel like I needed have it all figured out. At some point I even felt like I did. Only to realise that I didn’t. Because there is nothing that needs to be figured out. Everything is as it is.

I’ve had everything taken away from me, only to understand that what I thought I had was never there in the first place. One night at 4am, another sleepless night, oceans literally  pouring from my eyes, I began to see that everything I need is already mine. That I have enough. That I have always been enough. I got up and watched the sun rise.

I have learnt that the only love I need is the unconditional love already living inside of me. A love that can never be taken away. That doesn’t differentiate or separate. A love that loves because it loves. A love so strong it kept me alive long after I had given up on life m. That kept my heart beating even though I asked it to not to. That eventually had me asking questions of who I am, when there is no I? And what I am, if I am not pretending to be anything?

This year I’ve fallen in love with the taste of solitude. A sense of being at home in myself; whole in myself. The illusion of separation is slowly starting to fade and I catch glimpses of what I am currently understanding to be true.

Hi, my name is Iselin. A name given to me by my parents. It is me, but it is not who I Am. I am spirit having a human experience. Divinity expressing itself in physical form. I am love. I am you.”