“I used to wonder why I felt so much pain all the time. As if I was too full of darkness, carrying all the heaviness of the world upon my shoulders.

I feel, more than I think. I always have. I navigate my way in life through sensations and intuition, and I’ve always been a sensitive being. Then I believe somehow, somewhere along the way someone taught me into believing this to be wrong. That it is not right to feel as deeply as I do. To live more in the right part of my brain than in my left. To feel more than I think. That I should not make decisions based on how my body feel in regards to certain situations. That sensitivity is a weakness, and not, in fact, a superpower. I’ve spent the past few years reclaiming my right to feel. To make my way in life following my heart and my intuition, more than I follow my thoughts or the sense of what is “right”. Once again connecting back to my inner child; allowing myself to be free to feel. To be playful and curious and creative. To love as intensely as I naturally do; just like the little girl I used to be did so beautifully.

I don’t believe life is meant to be so hard. I believe every moment we are alive is precious and a blessing: a gift to be treasured and explored.

Just to be alive; to be here, in this body, with so much we can do and create and be, is magic in it’s purest form. That life again can be easy and beautiful; flowing effortlessly. To unfold like it did when we were children; in awe each and every moment. Eyes wide open, arms behind our back and

moving with our heart forward, always.”


Photography by Arterium: www.arterium.net