Interview with artist and photographer Kim Akrigg

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing my beautiful friend and amazing photographer Kim Akrigg. Kim’s photography is simply magical, and truly a work of art. Her ability to capture feelings and emotions on camera is something I truly admire. Hope you enjoy reading her words as much as I did.


Can you please begin with telling us a little about your personal background? Where are you from, where did you grow up and who are you?

I grew up in Canada, my mother is a Chinese immigrant and my father's family are English, Irish and Scottish. I've been living in Australia for the last 6 years and it feels more like home to me than anywhere else. When I think about trying to define who I am it feels like I always come up short on an answer because I feel like I don't know how to define myself as it's always changing. The only things I know consistently are that I'm an artist, I'm at home by the sea, and I believe in kindness and having fun.



Whats your educational background? And what have you done for work since you finished school?

I think I'll never stop learning and the best lessons are learned outside of a classroom, but in terms of formal education I've got Diplomas in 5 different things, an unfinished hairdressing apprenticeship, and an application for art school that was accepted but I never pursued. Mostly what I've done for work is photography, and making coffee, with a few other odd jobs here and there!

What does your life look like today?

Life today feels like constantly trying to strike a balance between making time for myself and working towards my goals at the moment. Usually, every day involves something active, uni or work, some time at the beach, and meditation. Trying to learn to keep the bigger picture in focus but also staying disciplined to take the steps to get there.



What inspired you to get into photography?

Photography came of my love for an appreciation for the beauty in small moments. Like most of the best things in my life I fell into it completely by accident, it started with making self-portraits, then that turned into photographing friends, then models, and now most often couples in love.


And where/what do you seek to for inspiration?

Inspiration more finds me than I go looking for it! It's in light, in stories, in feelings, in fleeting moments, you never know when it comes and it could come from anything. Sometimes I see something so clearly in my head and try to recreate it, and sometimes it's just already there and I just have to capture it.

How important is your art to you? Do you express yourself through other forms of art?

I think in general, life is art. It's how you choose to live your life. What you surround yourself with. The things you see every day and how you show up in the world. It's in the food you make, the way you decorate your house, the clothes you wear. It all tells a story whether it's intentional or not. I think everything you do is an expression of your art, you can't really separate yourself from it. Aside from photography though, I love words and writing. I love beautiful food as well.



Do you have a specific message or intent that you wish to share (through photography/art) with the world?

I think that sometimes art is purely selfish, and it has never been about how others see it. I can't stop creating, even if I try, regardless if someone will see it or not. I guess in photography the thing that I find myself trying to capture the most is just how beautiful I think this world is, and the moments that happen within it. That's what I feel drawn to and find I capture most, and trying to share that with others. There is so much beauty and sometimes it only lasts for a second, and I want to try and appreciate and savor every moment. But then paradoxically, sometimes I find the moments I want to live in the most I never want to pick up a camera to distract from how I actually feel in the moment.

Do you believe art can heal people and this planet?

I absolutely believe art can heal! It’s an expression of emotion which can be such a powerful way to heal and let your emotions and feelings out. It says what you sometimes can’t express in any other way.

What makes you excited about life and being alive?

The things that make me most excited about life and being alive are that the possibilities are endless. There’s nothing you can’t be, do, or have, and it’s thrilling. Anything and everything is always possible, and seeing how it all turns out is pretty exciting to me. There is always something new to experience or learn. I love being alive, it’s such a gift.