“your souls hymn”

 “thoughts longing to be expressed will become violent gatherings of unspoken truths. we all embody stories wishing to be told, to be given form, to be birthed into existence. oceans of emotions that will return to us in waves until they find a way out into the world; as energy in fluid motion.

syllables forming sentences is what becomes stories. tales woven together by our own lips is what will create our sanctuaries. as we learn to give life to the sounds that’s been planted inside the eternal soul; to the untamed gardens of language; to the longing for what we currently wish to be true.

slowly letting go of the violence that sometimes forms inside the dark corners of our minds, we begin to drift into fascination of the unfolding of each and every moment of this life.

there’s a desperate need for your voice to be heard. for all of us to sing our souls hymns; whisper the soft whispers that ripples from the depths of our own inner wisdom. to let the knowing of our intuition unfold as an eternal love song. there is nothing to fear, except the silence of those who has come to Earth to heal  her with their lullabies.

when dusk once again melts the day into the colour of auburn honey, lovingly wrapping us all in a blanket of stars, we shall hum our melodies. barefoot we will walk through these lonely fields, singing our souls sweet prayers.

it is here we join our hands; knowing that as we join our voices we also join forces.

because we have heard how the songs of a single cricket at first melts alway into the vastness of the night, before it is accompanied by an entire orchestra of eager musicians, we trust that our own tiny voice will eventually turn into a choir representing the entirety of Pachamama.”