The Returning Women’s Gathering

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of attending, and speaking at, The Returning; a gathering for  women. The Returning is a one-day event woven together by Ella Noah Bancroft, and is held just outside of Byron.  We spent the day attending different workshops, exchanging gifts and knowledge, sharing beautiful meals, dancing, singing and praying. Personally, i found the day more than anything to be a celebration of women, and the gift and absolute privilege of being a woman in this day and age.


The inspiring woman behind The Returning shares a few words about the gathering with us today.. “We gather on Bundjalung land to return.

I traveled the world, acquiring new skills, ways of thinking, ancient wisdom and local teachings, to bring back to my community to help create a container for healing and growth.

I am a Bundjalung woman from Northern NSW and I am keen  to be a bridge, a bridge between to worlds of Australia that need reconciling.

The event is a cultural experience. One that looks at deepening connection to the Earth, ourselves, and each other.


The Returning is a one day  women’s gathering/conference. The day brings female identifying women together. To gather. Empowering each other and creating skills that we can intergrate back into our life to help heal ourselves and the world.

We strongly believe in equality and as part of our offering back to the community we give scholarhsip tickets to low-socio economic women, single mothers and Indigenous women.

More than half of our attendees are on scholarhship tickets or volunteer tickets.

For every ticket sold we are helping another woman find her feet and claim her space at the event.

I truly believe if we return to nature, to oral knowledge

sharing, to women's work then we will return to ourselves and to each other.

The Returning is a day themed in womens wellness. Explore movement, rituals and lost knowledge workshops, Along with panel discussions & at night all female concert.


~ Autumn Returning ~

The Returning is a gathering that happens in the Byron Shire four times a year. It is a weaving of women from all over the globe.

A global conference of maidens, mothers, queens and crones.

The gatherings take place every three months, aligning with the seasons and allowing our bodies to reunite with the cycles of nature.

Next we have Autumn.

The wild women, were we meet our edge, were we learn, were we start to go inward and were we spread ideas.

A combination of creation and clarity as we come together as sisters to learn from elders, maidens and mothers.

The Returning hosts a mums and bubs area where mothers can leave there children's and babies with beautiful women in the craft corner, where they will paint, play and read stories.

This all ages event is curated for women, by women.”


Find tickets for the next gathering HERE