“Sunday Musings”- poetry

A little creative written piece on presence and living from the heart. From me to you on this warm and sunny Sunday afternoon ❤️


Sunday Musings

 “in the air wafts the smell of tender summer rain. the sound of silence lingers outside the kitchen window, wrapping earth in a blanket of stillness. looking out we see a sky crying tears of abundance as a new day is about to make its appearance. every moment presents itself like a carefully wrapped gift, revealing to us a new way of breathing life into existence. stepping outside, we tread gently on Earth to fill our cups from rivers flooding with ancient knowledge; bottling it up in jars like figs soaking in golden honey. we put lids on our containers containing the elders’ wisdom and their handwoven stories. storing the miracles we have been graced with on shelves as a reminder of what we have promised ourselves to remember. here comes hope for different ways of navigating through life. walking on paths we have walked many times before, and moving with our arms behind our backs and our hearts forward.”

PoetryIselin Amanda Stoylen