Superfeast Review

//This article is written in collaboration with Superfeast. All opinions are my own//

I’ve been working with Superfeast ever since I returned back to Byron Bay in September last year. I personally reached out to Superfeast with the request to collaborate, as I had known about their company for a while, and believed their products to be of really amazing quality, and their core values for the business seemed to be just in line with my own. I have been incorporating medicinal mushrooms and a variety of herbal tonics into my diet for a few years now, and these little power plants never stop blowing my mind.

I really love all the members of the Superfeast family, but definitely have my favourites. My top three picks would definitely be Mason’s Mushroom blend, the JING blend and the delicious Tremella mushroom powder. Not a day goes by without at least one serving of Masons Mushrooms, and I really never have a coffee without these little fun-guys;) added to it. As for JING I usually mix it into my cacao, add it to superfood elixirs and blend it into my smoothies. Both of these blends taste really amazing to me, which really is just an extra bonus to the amazing benefits they provide.
I wanted to give you all a little introduction to Superfeast, who they are, what they do and some of their base principles and values. I feel proud to be working with this brand, and I will whole-heartedly recommend their products to anyone wanting to further improve their health.


«We sell powdered extracts of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms (which are technically tonic herbs but this seems to confuse everyone, so we’ll keep ‘em separated for clarity). What is a ‘powdered extract,’ you ask? Great question. A powdered extract is basically the end result of taking a bunch of herbs and boiling and/or tincturing them for a while. The powder comes about after the resultant extract is dried and pushed through an ultra-fine sieve. Our extracts are 10:1, which means it takes 10kgs of herb to make 1kg of our extracts.“

“We really love tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. We take them every day. We think they’re awesome. We fell in love with them, they transformed us and we decided we needed to share them with the world.“

“We only want to work with the best herbs. The herbs that are potent, rooted in history and lore, grown with their feet in the soil and the sun on their faces. We want our mushrooms to experience their potential as the connectors and unifiers of the forest before we ingest them, so we can take on those qualities too. You are what you eat. We only sell what we take. It’s all the same. What we give to our families. And our friends. And to you. Just wild or wild-crafted herbs, extracted consciously, packed with love and delivered to your fave health food store or doorstep.”

I do feel especially proud to be supporting and promoting Superfeast as they have a strong dedication to our Earth; working towards a better, kinder and more sustainable future. They products have been labeled as being ‘beyond organic’ and grown and sourced by the Di Tao principles.

«We are becoming a progressive business that aims to teach others on how to use renewable resources, be more mindful about their tread on the earth and bring in practices to allow a company to become adaptive and look at the big ecological issues of the planet. We want to ensure that as a business we are not contributing to those big issues and we invite you, as a business or individual, to do the same. We have an adaptive business structure that allows everyone in the business to contribute to this, so as a business, we can move forward as holistically as possible.

We partner with the local composting community, we never use plastic to send out your herbs, we are diving deep into the recycling conversation (and not just relying on the yellow bin, but asking council what happens), we are innovating new farming practices that eliminate plastic being used from beginning to end, we always use keep cups and reusable plate-ware for food and we are committed to doing our best!»

Di Tao (or daodi) doesn’t translate easily into English, like many of the great Chinese concepts (e.g. Jing, Qi, and Shen!) The word Tao, or Dao, in this case refers to the district in which the herb is grown, and Di is more to do with the soil and land in which the herb is grown. In other words, sourced from it's spiritual homeland.Di Tao herbs must be high quality, medicinally dense herbs that have been grown in their natural habitat. This provides the herbs with the healing properties that allow them to be effective in fulfilling their purpose as a medicinal herbs and tonics.

Ron Teeguarden, founder of Dragon Herbs and legendary tonic herbalist, translates Di Tao to “Earth Tao,” or “the Way of the Earth.” He says, “Every plant has its perfect habitat where the plant flourishes, and in the case of a herb or food, becomes the most phytochemically rich and balanced.”

To put it simply, reishi grown in a mountain in China and reishi grown in labs is different, no matter what the scientists say. At SuperFeast, we are absolutely steadfast in this knowing. It is akin to a factory-farmed cow and a cow living out in the fields. You cannot expect the same energy from a mushroom that didn't have to grow through cold winters and nights, exposed to high altitudes and winds and fed off natural water such as rain and water from the river.

Di Tao isn’t just some ancient concept that has been lost to all but a few Taoist herbalists. It’s acknowledged by the Chinese government and recognised by modern TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) practitioners too. An attempt to define Di Tao for modern herbalists was made at the 390th Xiangshan Scientific Conference in Beijing in 2011: “Medicinal material that is produced and assembled in specific geographic regions with designated natural conditions and a specific ecological environment, with particular attention to cultivation technique, harvesting, and processing. These factors lead to quality and clinical effects that surpass items of the same botanical origin that are produced in other regions; thus, such items are widely recognized and enjoy a good reputation.”


My go-to recipe for an amazing pick-me-up salted caramel and macadamia tonic is as follows:

1-1.5 cups macadamia milk, 1/2 tsp Superfeast JING blend, 1 tsp Superfeast tremella mushroom, 1/2 tsp mesquite powder, 1/2 tsp lucuma powder, 1/4 tsp vanilla bean powder or extract, a big pinch of sea salt. As for sweetener I usually add a big spoonful of raw Manuka honey and a small pinch of pure stevia. Coconut nectar or sugar, maple syrup or agave. It also tastes amazing to add a few tablespoons of raw cacao and a pinch of cayenne to make an amazing cacao, or 1/4 tsp cardamom, 1/4 tsp cinnamon and a little piece of fresh ginger for a chai-flavoured drink.

Here’s another few recipes with Superfeast products in them:
Raw Mango and Coconut Cake with Tremella
Magic Cacao with Medicinal Mushrooms

If you’re ready to bring these wonderful herbs and mushrooms into your life, here’s a short introduction and link to my personal favourites from the Superfeast brand. You can also find more information about these products, and the rest of their range, at


Medicinal mushrooms possess a sophisticated immune system cultivated to ward off bacteria. When humans ingest these sacred mushrooms, they are bestowed with the herbs’ robust immunity and vast health-promoting properties.

Ingredients • Wild chaga*, semi-wild reishi*, semi-wild lion’s mane, cultivated cordyceps CS-4, semi-wild Agaricus blazei, semi-wild shiitake, semi-wild poria, semi-wild maitake extract powders. *dual extract.


‘Jing’ is the Chinese word for ‘essence’ - specifically Kidney essence. In the ancient Taoist tradition, fatigue, weakness and hormonal imbalance, were all considered a result of jing depletion. Our nourishing JING blend is designed to restore and ignite jing energy and promote vitality.

Ingredients • Wild and semi-wild prepared he shou wu, semi-wild eucommia bark, cultivated cordyceps CS-4, semi-wild morinda, semi-wild rehmannia root, semi-wild dendrobium stem extract powders.


Tremella’s abundant antioxidants help remove free radicals, known to cause inflammation and cell damage, from the body. They are also believed to enhance the body’s own antioxidant production, especially superoxide dismutase, the ultimate free radical scavenger!

Ingredients • Semi-wild tremella mushroom fruiting body water extract powder.

Two other products worth checking out are also the powdered ASTRALAGUS root, and the SCHIZANDRA berry powder.

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