The Beauty of Ritual

Written in collaboration with Kin of Mine// Article by the three sisters Elissa, Carly and Meg

There’s power in ritual.

As we engage in rituals, we create space for introspection, for reflection; to move and transform us in many new ways. We fully step into the present, into a special moment in time, and taking this experience with us as we come back into our day-to-day life, enriched by the experience.

The beauty of ritual during this modern time, is it can be adapted to suit our individual needs and preferences. It is something to be done with intention and purpose, and can exist in many ways, such as a daily meditation practice, a monthly full moon bath, or to bring an extra layer of love and intention to a celebration or special event. In whatever form it comes, and however it weaves itself into our lives, ritual helps us stay within the present, and connect us to ourselves and our own hearts, to each other, and that which is bigger than us all.


Our journey into discovering the art of ritual and conceiving Kin of Mine (founded by three sisters Elissa, Carly & Meg) was sparked at Carly’s wedding in 2017.  

Elissa had at the time been reading the book ‘Rise Sister Rise’ by Rebecca Campbell. A book which touches into the power of ritual and our own inner goddess. She felt inspired to create a special pre-ceremony ritual for Carly on the night before the wedding. The main intention was to collectively support, prepare and mark the transition of Carly’s journey from Maiden to Wife.  


To set the scene for the ceremony, Elissa created a beautiful labyrinth space with crystals, candles and flowers.  After a guided meditation, everyone were invited to write down ‘well-wishes’ for the bride-to-be, followed by walking the labyrinth; burning and releasing their dreams in the centre.  The bride-to-be was the last person to walk the labyrinth; offering her own dreams to the flames, and collecting a large rose quartz crystal from the heart of the labyrinth. Rose quarts are representative of love and relationships, and even to this day, Carly keeps the crystal by her bedside.
It was a powerful and special moment in time with Carly’s inner circle of women, and a ceremony that forged a deeper connection all the women present.

This night was a truly magical experience, and it is what first inspired us to take a deeper look into the tradition of ritual. We began incorporating ritual as part of our daily lives, researching ritual and ceremony throughout history; then to explore the idea of developing ritual boxes to inspire other women to create their own ceremony for that special event.

Kin of Mine was founded in 2018; with the wish to inspire and empower women to engage intentional actions with the support of rituals. Whether that be inspiring a daily practice such as meditation, writing or prayer, or providing tools in which to bring ceremony to a significant event: – we aspire to bring ritual into women’s lives.  


The ‘Kin’ in Kin of Mine refers to our relationship and bond as three sisters, but furthermore to sisterhood between all women across the world.  We believe we hold the power to support, connect and lift each other up, and from there to forge even deeper connections.

Rituals are beautifully used to connect us to our values and what it means to be a woman in this day and age; it provides an opportunity to connect to our sisters and celebrate our femininity – an acknowledgement of the female-tribe we believe to be profound.

Rituals have been a part of our lives for hundreds and hundreds of years, and are simple actions that behold great power.

Our aspiration for Kin of Mine is to provide the tools and instructions for the woman who wish to create her own beautiful ceremony to mark a special moment in her life.  It could be the  honouring of the transition from maiden to wife the evening before her wedding, the transition into motherhood, or to honour a woman’s experience of coming of age or entering into menopause:
All significant transitions in a woman life; all chapters worth cerebrating. 

Iselin Amanda Stoylen