A Sunday prayer

 “I will spend my life becoming the softest, warmest and most loving person i can possibly be.

to have a continuous affair with flow and make love to ease. i adore these two words. they make me want to sit back and take a big, deep breath that fills my lungs up to the brim with fresh air. reminding me to let my shoulders soften and to put my hand on my heart more often. they help me remember how i must always return to the wholeness i found within myself.

my prayers are for more of the simple things in life. i want to soak my limbs in warm energy. to let my heart rest in the knowing that everything is always moving, changing, unfolding and evolving. that all i need in order to move with the universe, is to accept its invite to the dance. i have chosen to walk the path of vulnerability and authenticity. it may be difficult to remain soft in a world that sometimes feels cold as ice, but i have learnt it’s even harder to walk through life with a heart that has become frozen.

i pray for even more of the real stuff these days. and yes, i really do want all of it. to hurt so bad the times i have been thrown far away from myself, and then to feel so good as i navigate my way back home. to be soft like water; giving life to the whole of existence, yet to know we bestow the power to also drown it all away.

i have chose to come and reincarnate in this body. and every day i am given the opportunity to keep choosing this life.

i feel the gift it is to be a soul with a human form. to experience life as we do. and how life makes much more sense when i live from my heart more than from my mind. to move the direction love makes me move.

my heartbeat quickens at the thought of birthing more love into this world. bringing more love into life through words, actions and intention. so here’s to the next chapters; may we all spend them learning how to be the kindest, softest and warmest humans that we can possibly be.”