(in Indian religion) the eternal law of the cosmos, inherent in the very nature of things.



 Hi. My name is Iselin. I was born during a tropical summer night twenty t years ago during a June full moon. I like walking barefoot, putting flowers in my food, writing poetry, playing with children and dancing. I am an extension of infinite source of light that is the energy pulsing though is all. I am spirit expressing itself through me as a human being. A heart wrenching, heartfelt, wonderful and wild journey. I am still figuring out how to move through life in a physical body. How to balance being with doing. How to cultivate stillness in movement. I’ve had to learn time and time again that I am here to exist as a person; to have a human form. It’s taken years of unlearning and undoing, but I am finally in love with this experience.
I used to feel like I needed have it all figured out. At some point I even felt like I did. Only to realise that I didn’t. Because there is nothing that needs to be figured out. Everything is as it is.
I’ve had everything taken away from me, only to understand that what I thought I had was never there in the first place. One night at 4am, another sleepless night, oceans literally  pouring from my eyes, I began to see that everything I need is already mine. That I have enough. That I have always been enough. I got up and watched the sun rise.
I have learnt that the only love I need is the unconditional love already living inside of me. A love that can never be taken away. That doesn’t differentiate or separate. A love that loves because it loves. A love so strong it kept me alive long after I had given up on life m. That kept my heart beating even though I asked it to not to. That eventually had me asking questions of who I am, when there is no I? And what I am, if I am not pretending to be anything?
This previous year I’ve fallen in love with the taste of solitude. A sense of being at home in myself; whole in myself. The illusion of separation is slowly starting to fade and I catch glimpses of what I am currently understanding to be true.

Hi, my name is Iselin. A name given to me by my parents. It is me, but it is not who I Am. I am spirit having a human experience. Divinity expressing itself in physical form. I am love. I am you.

The text above was actually a caption I wrote for Instagram a while back, and I feel like it is the best way of describing myself and my experience as a human being on Earth. I am very much a human being, currently living and expressing myself in this physical body and form. I am a yoga teacher, foodie and plant-based cook, writer and blogger and health enthusiast. I was born, and lived the first nineteen years of my life, in Norway. The past few years of my life I have spent most of my time in Australia, as well as in England. I am passionate about teaching yoga and the yogic philosophy, nutrition, wellness, mental health and people in general, and consider myself an environmentalist, a spiritual being, dedicated coffee drinker and a poetess.


My journey into health, fitness and wellness began at a young age. As a competitive horse rider from the age of 12 I understood the importance of a well-functioning body and healthy mind for optimal performance from early on. When I was 15 I got into running, and at the age of 16 I was running half-marathons several times a month. At that time I was attending school, still competing in horseback riding and running close to 7 days a week. Not surprisingly, this lead to a day-to-day life where stress was present most of the time- but me myself were never really in the moment. During the spring of 2014 I attended my first yoga class, more by accident than by design really, which had me infatuated with the practice and later the yogic approach to life. What really started out as another way to keep myself fit and flexible, turned out to become much more. In the beginning I couldn´t quite put my finger on what  kept me coming back again and again to perform these rather odd postures. - all I knew was that it made me feel good, and that it helped me become more connected to my own body, mind and breath than I could ever remember being.

Fast forward a few years, I decided to dedicate a whole year of my life to the practice of yoga. I signed up for a twelve month teacher training at one of Australia´s most recognized yoga schools; Byron Yoga Centre. During that year I practically lived and breathed yoga. I studied under amazing teachers, and became a dedicated student to the B.K.S Iyengar lineage of yoga. When I started the teacher training my practice was still very much about the physical aspect of yoga and quite limited to the asana practice. However, during the course of that year I became familiar with the broader picture of yoga. As the course went on I learned more about mediation, pranayama and yogic philosophy. Today I believe that these are all equally important aspects in the practice of yoga. It goes without saying that being able to perform a handstand doesn't make you a better person, but learning to be more aware of our own thoughts, mindset and actions just might. I completed my teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre in August 2017. Today I have 800 hours of total teacher training, and am a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance (500 RYT).

Personally, I look upon yoga as something way greater than just a physical practice. Yoga to me is a way of life and a method of deepening our understanding of life. I believe that a regular practice of yoga has the ability to strengthen the mind as much as the body; creating space and raising our awareness towards the point of physical liberation and enlightenment.

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My vision for Dharma Tales is for it to be a place to seek for inspiration; personal and spiritual growth, as well as a source of information and reliable knowledge. I will be sharing healthy plant-based recipes from my other website A Green Kitchen, as well as my writing and poetry, articles about yoga and yogic philosophy, my favourite sources of inspiration, interviews, guest posts and more.

Currently I am working on a series of articles featuring some of my favorite teachers, as well as a few exciting collaborations with brands whose values and ethics are in line with mine. I am super excited to share this with you in a couple weeks time. Stay tuned xx

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